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Airborne Action Sports Team:

Alex Mccheyne

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @alexmccheyne_

Ethan Proulx

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @ethanproulx

Jaden Paget

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @jadenpaget

Ryan McElligott

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @yungg.ry

Jeremy Armstrong

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @gerrmmy

Dakota Longboat 

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @dakotapples

Zack Bacon 

City: Ottawa, Ontario

IG account - @zack_bacon


We are currently in search of riders to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Airborne Scooter team we want to hear from you. 

Of course, most of all we are looking for talent in our sponsors. We need riders who can represent Airborne by dominating in the parks and streets. 

Keep in mind, sponsorship is more than just endless free parts.... it is important to understand a few key factors about what we are looking for. As a sponsor, you are a marketing asset and need to assist with the growth of the sport in Canada. Longevity with Airborne will come with dedication to us and our brands, a strong showing of involvement within one’s industry, and a consistent flow of action, whether it is video or photos.

Airborne will offer different levels of sponsorship. In the beginning of your career, Airborne like the majority of sponsors will give discounted gear or if you’re real good, free gear. As your skill and commitment increase, Airborne will send you to events across the country, to represent Airborne and their brands. 

Don’t underestimate word of mouth. People will hear about what you are doing simply through word of mouth or through interest in your character. Being a role model in one’s industry is key and never forgetting your roots will insure longevity and respect in your sport.

It comes down to living without limitations while still knowing and respecting your abilities. If you want something there is no reason that you can’t achieve it, all it takes dedication and finding the right connections.

It’s hard to picture yourself where you want to be, but with consistent motivation and belief in yourself it can make anything possible. Free yourself from mental constriction and you can push you body further than you could ever imagine.

If you are up for the challenge, apply for sponsorship at and provide the following:

Personal information
E-mail address

Social media
Facebook (url)
Facebook followers (amount)
Instagram (url)
Instagram followers (amount)
Most recent video (YouTube or Vimeo link)

Why should we sponsor you?