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Animal T1 Tire 2.40" Black

Animal T1 Tire 2.40" Black


This special handling, dual compound tire is a collaboration with the legendary Terrible One. This proprietary blend of compounds provides for the fastest and grippiest tire out there. The hard compound on top provides a lower rolling resistance while the soft compound on the outside provides increased corner grip. Whether you are on the street, park or pool this tire has you covered.




These tires are ideal for street. The can absorb tons of impact and the rubber is extremely thick making flats nearly impossible. You would need a knife to puncture these things. They are a little hard to ride dirt due to the lack of tread but they carry speed well and help bump and pop off of stuff. They are heavy but you can learn to adapt to it and you won't need to replace these things for a very long time.

Pictures cant really capture the shape and the way that tire looks.
Definitely best looking tire! even nicer than the new federal command tires (arguably)

and the grip? Im just gonna sum it up easily. Grip on this tire is so gripy itll make double tires easier. And im not even exaggerating

I like the nascar/slick design and pattern. And in reality this tire is the best looking tire out there. Grips perfectly too

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