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District HT-Series FK1 IHC Fork

District HT-Series FK1 IHC Fork


The HT series FK1 fork is forged from aluminum and is compatible with 115mm wheels. The open fork leg construction keeps it light weight and gives it a minimalist look. A perfect replacement fork for any of the HT series stunt scooters from District.

The IHC forks from District come with a very long stem. This means that it can be hard to fit, when combined with parts from other suppliers. We recommend you use the Volcano Topcap, also from District. This will give you the lift you need on your compression to get it nice and tight. The concave shape on the bottom inside of the Volcano Topcap will even fit over your existing headset. 


  • Made for Mini HIC
  • Forged Aluminum
  • Fits up to 115mm wheels - compatible with Radix
  • Weight - 0.69 lbs


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