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Native Scooters Advent Deck Canada

Native Scooters "Advent" Deck


The Advent Deck by Native has it all. The Advent features a 5.1" wide, flat bottom and integrated deck ends which can be replaced as they wear. The Deck is not only boxed at the back end, it has an almost square front end too. These features make it a long lasting grind machine suitable for every kind of grind. An in-built fender will save your foot from pinching the wheel and is compatible with wheels up to 115mm in diameter and 30mm wide. Available in 3 lengths, 22" / 22.5" / 23".  

Every Native Advent Deck will come with the Deck Ends shown and an additional Nylon pair.

Every Native Advent Deck will come with all neccesary spacers for standard wheels and 30mm wide wheels (RADIX).


  • Integrated deck ends
  • Completely flat bottom 
  • Brakeless fender included 
  • Weight: 1.67kg
  • Width: 5.1" / 130mm
  • Length: 22" / 559mm
  • Foot space: 15.9" / 406mm
  • Headtube angle: 83° 
  • Fender compatibility: up to 115mm / 30mm 

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