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Root Industries Invictus Fork (IHC) Black

Root Industries Invictus Fork (IHC) Black


Forks Lithium/Invictus IHC

Root Industries is always innovating. In an ever-changing market with ever-changing trends and products, companies must be on top of their game - and Root Industries is always up for the challenge.

"Without further adieu, Root Industries is proud to announce the most versatile forks the freestyle scootering industry has ever seen - the Lithium and Invictus forks."

This true monster of a fork is attractive and durable, and can fit any wheel in the current market - from 100mm x 24mm, to 120mm x 30mm, and anything in-between. If there’s any must-have fork, this is it.

Main Features

  • Sleek, sturdy design

  • Compatibility TBD

  • Fits any-size wheel - 100m x 24mm to 120mm x 30mm

  • Built-in wheel spacers

  • 10mm offset

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