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Subrosa Noster S BMX Frame

Subrosa Noster S BMX Frame

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The Noster S is the fourth version of Simone Barrco’s frame from Subrosa, so they felt that a change in spec was needed.

With Simone’s riding always evolving, he’s constantly trying to improve the way his bike performs so when he mentioned his ideas, Subrosa were happy to accommodate them.

The rear end has been shortened, the Noster III was sitting at 13.75″ but that's been shortened up to sit centered in the rear dropouts at 13.55″, or 13.35″ with the axle fully slammed in the dropouts. A nice length for the rear end that will make the frame more responsive, but not feeling too short and twitchy.

The Noster III was a completely brakeless model, meaning, no brake mounts at all. While most riders are brakeless at the moment, there are a ton of riders that love using brakes. No mounts creates a smooth clean look, but there’s no way to mount U-Brakes to the frame, so for the Noster S the mounts were added back on. The Noster S also has a new seat stay bridge.

There is a smooth, curved 5mm thick plate that adds to the side to side strength of the frame and also improves braking performance. While the rear end of the frame is shorter, it has been kept wide, so even with your wheel fully slammed you will still have clearance for any size tyre.

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