We are happy to announce that Airborne Scooter Supply Co now carries MGP - MADD GEAR Scooters. 

MADD was formed back in 2002 by Mike Horne who had the vision to create an Aussie brand for Aussie kids. With Australia being known for iconic outdoor sports they are once again at the forefront with a can-do attitude which they have taken to the world.

Due to a growing international fan base and fast increasing demand for MGP (Madd Gear Pro) products 2010 proved a busy year with MGP exploding into the USA, UK and European markets with sales offices and Pro Teams established to keep a finger on the pulse of international trends.
Having Pro Teams around the world also aids in development and testing, allowing them to build the best products to meet the high standards of today’s riders. All MADD products are tested to the highest standards by independent laboratories in compliance with the required local and retail legislature. their in-house Quality Assurance department is at the forefront of trends and testing requirements which ensures MADD products are second to none.
With riders like Ryan Williams, Terry Price, Archie Cole, Billy Watts and Jessica Boland you know are riding MADD GEAR products, you are riding the with the best.

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