Ethic DTC Iconoclast Deck, Nemesis Fork, Calypso Wheels, 12 Standard Pegs and Axles are Coming to Canada

Ethic DTC is changing the scooter game with their new 12 Standard parts line up. The cornerstone of this new range is the Iconoclast Deck, coming in at 5 inches wide and 22.5 inches long and weighing less than 3 pounds. For added strength and durability, Ethic has upgraded to 12mm Axles and larger 6001 wheel bearings. The new Iconoclast headtube is 30% stronger than the pandemonium.

Also new are the Ethic Calypso wheels, which are 125mm x 30mm for added grip. Calypso Wheels feature the 3 times stronger 6001 bearings.

Ethic needed to make a wider taller fork to accommodate the Calypso Wheels, so they are Introducing the Nemesis Fork. The Nemesis fork is an evolution of the Merrow fork and can accept both the new 12 Standard axles as well as 8mm. The Ethic Nemesis Fork can be used with 100mm, 110mm, 110mm x 24mm wheels or the new 125mm x 30mm size.  

The entire Ethic 12 Standard Scooter range will be available in Canada at Airborne Action Sports, Located in Ottawa, Canada. 

Ethic Iconoclast Scooter Deck Canada

Ethic Iconoclast Scooter Deck Canada

Ethic Iconoclast Scooter Deck Canada

Ethic Nemesis Scooter Fork Canada

Ethic Calypso Scooter Wheel Canada

Ethic 12 Standard Aluminum Scooter Pegs Canada

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