Ethic - Pandemonium Deck - 20.9” (530mm)

Sale price$279.95


The Ethic Pandemonium pro scooter deck was built to be bigger, yet nimble as possible. With a width of 4.75" and length of 19.3, 20.9 or 22.5 Inches, it has a footspace of 16 inches. The Forged Neck hold a head tube with a 83 degrees angle. The anodized aluminium alloy used is 6082 heat treated (T4/T6) which is 10% more resistant than 6061 and only used in top of the line products. A new brake technology made of nylon molded on steel is stronger, quieter, more accurate and lighter.

At just under 3.0 lbs including the brake and axle, Ethic Pandemonium scooter deck is one of the lightest pro scooter decks on the market.  Ethic decks are designed in France.

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