Odyssey G3 Gyro 1 1/8" Cable Detangler Kit - Black

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If you were to ask riders who were around since the 1980’s, what was the most important invention to come about for freestyle, you will hear one answer over and over again.

The Gyro.

The Gyro is a device Odyssey invented that lets you detangle the brake cables when spinning the bars around on a BMX bike. The Gyro was not the first cable detangler, but by far the best design for one, ever. No other detangler that came before it would continue to be produced, and every detangler produced after its introduction was based on it.

There are riders now who have never even heard of the multitude of detanglers that came before the Gyro, because after its introduction, it instantly made all others extinct.

While we have made the top level Gyro, we still have our roots. From the original Gyro company comes Gyro G3. Faster and smoother spinning than older gyros and imitators. This is the closest relative to the original Gyro. Made with similar techniques, but with many modern improvements. No more sharp edges on the bearing unit, and all sets come with knarps and better cables. Improved cables have rubberized plastic ends, to improve fit and function.

Everything you need to run a Gyro. Odyssey Gyro cables and upper and lower cable stops included.

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