STEGGA Mini Trampoline Scooter

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Stegga is well known for producing weight and dimension accurate trampoline scooters that allow for an unparalleled feel and response when used on the trampoline. Stegga’s V2 line keeps up with this trend and has further improved upon the original design, creating an overall lighter construction with tweaked balance points to provide an even better experience when it comes to learning scooter tricks.

True Weight. True Size. True Response.

Features -

  • Handlebar: Light Weight Aluminium Bar 20” x 23.6”
  • Clamp: Aluminium double clamp M6 thread
  • Headset: Neco IHC
  • Fork: Aluminium Bottom Locking Hidden Fork System (B-Lock HFS) IHC
  • Grips: Black Rubber Grips
  • Deck: 5.5” x 20.5” Stegga Arc Deck V2 (23.5” from front to back)
  • Grip Pad: Pre-fitted rubberised 5.5” x 20.5” grip pad.
  • Deck Kit Weight (Deck, Fork, Headset): 2.6kg / 5.73lbs
  • Complete Weight: 3.50kg / 7.71lbs

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This trampoline scooter is made with a full aluminium construction like a normal stunt scooter. Stegga strongly advise wearing protection when performing tricks as you would at the park.

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