TSI - Foot Fender

Sale price$34.95


Skid a flat spot into your brand new wheels?

Tired of getting bounced off landing fakie on the brake?

Chase Robertson's Signature Foot Fender, dubbed The Cheddie Fender, is the solution to all of your problems!


This is a wheel guard, this is not a brake.

This keeps your foot out of the wheel area so you don't accidentally smash that puppy down and flat spot your awesome wheels.

The best part, no more cow bell!  This re-designed Foot Fender V2 offers silent wheel protection - versus it's predecessor which developed a reputation for sounding like a cow bell.

Spec list:

Heat Treated Spring Steel

Tension Mounted to Stay Dialed & Silent

Slotted for Adjustment - Very Adjustable

Black Powdercoat or Nickel Plating

Includes Hardware

Made in USA


Fits ALL TSI Decks

Fits most other decks with at least 1 brake bolt hole on the top deck plate

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