TSI Scooters, Trick Scooters International is a company born and raised in Portland Oregon. Past Razor team rider KC Corning teamed up with Matt Thom and created the first aftermarked 1 piece deck and flex fender in 2009. Since then, TSI has always been known for creating simple, raw quality parts. All of their parts are hand made with care in Portland Oregon USA. You can count on TSI for high quality parts. There is one company that can be credited for being the catalyst for design and innovation, that refuses to compromise what they stand for and they've been that way since the very beginning.   

Over the years TSI has brought many innovative products to pro scooters riders wordwide, including decks like the Threshold, Hammerhead, Sledge, Shred Sled. Their newest products include the VanDelle Forks and the new Paramount deck that comes in at a whopping 5" wide and and 22" long but only 3/4 inch thick, making it the slimmest deck on the market and amazingly light.  

We are happy to bring TSI scooter products to our customers and feel confident that when they leave our shop with TSI products, they are riding the best available. Come see us at Airborne Scooter Supply to check out the TSI line up. 

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