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Madd Gear Whip Extreme Marvel Scooters now available!

Captain America Scooter Hulk Scooter Iron Man Scooter Madd Gear Madd Gear Marvel Scooter Madd Gear Whip Extreme Marvel Freestyle Scooter Marvel Scooter Marvel Trick Scooter MGP Marvel Scooter Spider Man Scooter Thor Scooter


marvel stunt scooters

Marvel and Madd Gear- MGP have teamed up to bring us some pretty cool entry level Freestyle Scooters. 

With features like sealed headsets, one piece handlebars and IHC compression, these Scooters are ready to roll in the park or on the streets. 

They've brought in some pretty big names on this project. The Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have all teamed up to make these scooters possible. 

Unfortunately riding these scooters won't give your super powers, but at least you'll be able to shred with confidence knowing that you are riding on high quality Madd Gear Pro Scooter!  



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