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Envy releases new Ace of Spades AOS v4 Decks

2016 AOS Decks Ace of Spades AOS v4 Charles Padel Envy Envy Scooters Envy Scooters Canada Envy scooters Ottawa Flavio Presenti Jessee Ikedah Jon Reyes Max Peters Raymond Warner

Following the amazing success of the AOS v3 Decks, Envy Scooters has announced the release of their AOS v4 Decks. 

These Decks promise to please riders with many upgrades, both aesthetic and practical. The new Ace of Spades line up will feature decks from 7 Pro Scooter riders.

  • Max Peters AOS v4
  • Jessee Ikedah AOS v4
  • Raymond Warner AOS v4
  • Jon Reyes AOS v4
  • Charles Padel AOS v4
  • Flavio Pesenti AOS v4
  • Wazzeh AOS v4

The AOSv4 Decks will have a 3D Forged Headtube with a new side cut out,  Envy's new Nylon Brake and widths of 4.7-4.9 inches. The new AOS Headtube will have a concave, which will push the front wheel forward, leaving more room for nose blunts. There will also be an insert to protect the nose of the deck from damage. 

The awesome new deck are dropping on December 1st, so make sure you get one before your friends do! The first shipment is sure to sell out fast!



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