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2018 Envy Prodigy S6, Colt S3, KOS S5 Scooters are now available in Canada

2018 Envy Colt S3 Scooter Canada 2018 Envy Prodigy S6 Scooter Canada Envy Colt S3 Envy KOS S5 Envy KOS S5 Charge Envy KOS S5 Heist Envy KOS S5 Soul Envy Prodigy S6 Envy Scooters Envy Scooters Canada

2018 Envy Prodigy S6, Colt S3, KOS S5 Heist, KOS S5 Charge, KOS S5 Soul are now available in Canada Envy has come in hot this year with some awesome upgrades to their full range of complete scooters. This year line up is sure to continue Envy's dominance in the complete scooter game.  2018 Envy Colt S3 gets taller bars, new deck spacers with deck plugs and some new mixed color grips. 2018 Envy S3 Colt comes in 4 colorways this year including Black/Gold, Black/Red, Teal, Green 2018 Envy S6 Prodigy gets some nice upgrades as well including a new...

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2017 Envy Scooters are now available in Canada

Envy Hollow Core Wheels Envy S2 Colt Envy S4 KOS Charge Envy S4 KOS Heist Envy S4 KOS Scooter Envy S4 KOS Soul Envy S5 Prodigy Envy Scooters Envy Scooters Canada Freestyle Scooter Scooter Canada Scooter Ottawa Stunt Scooter Trick Scooter

Envy has released their 2017 Scooter line up. The new range includes the new S2 Colt Scooter, S5 Prodigy and S4 KOS Charge, Soul and Heist complete Scooters.  The S2 Colt is a much upgraded model over the first edition. The new Envy Colt Scooter features a 6061 Aluminum Deck that is 4.7" wide by 19.5" long, 110mm wheels, 4130 Chromoly IHC fork and standard bars that are 23" high by 20.5" wide.  The new S2 Colt is available in 3 colors: Teal, Green and Red The mid range of the new Envy line up is the new S5 Prodigy....

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Envy releases new Ace of Spades AOS v4 Decks

2016 AOS Decks Ace of Spades AOS v4 Charles Padel Envy Envy Scooters Envy Scooters Canada Envy scooters Ottawa Flavio Presenti Jessee Ikedah Jon Reyes Max Peters Raymond Warner

Following the amazing success of the AOS v3 Decks, Envy Scooters has announced the release of their AOS v4 Decks.  These Decks promise to please riders with many upgrades, both aesthetic and practical. The new Ace of Spades line up will feature decks from 7 Pro Scooter riders. Max Peters AOS v4 Jessee Ikedah AOS v4 Raymond Warner AOS v4 Jon Reyes AOS v4 Charles Padel AOS v4 Flavio Pesenti AOS v4 Wazzeh AOS v4 The AOSv4 Decks will have a 3D Forged Headtube with a new side cut out,  Envy's new Nylon Brake and widths of 4.7-4.9 inches. The new AOS Headtube will have a...

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Airborne Scooter Supply Co is Now Open

District Scooters Envy Scooters Fasen Scooters Freestyle Scooters Canada Kleefer Scooters Canada Pro Scooters Canada Pro Scooters Ottawa Sacrifice Scooters Scooters Ottawa Tilt Scooters Urbanartt Scooter Xootr Scooters Ottawa

Airborne Scooter Supply will be the first store of its kind in Ottawa, Ontario, which is devoted solely to scooters. Airborne offers a wide selection of complete scooters and parts  including the biggest names in Pro Scooters. We also have scooters for the commuter and for those who just want to get out and ride. Some of our brands include: District, Envy, Fasen, Flavor, Sacrifice, AO, Urbanartt, Xootr, Swifty Scooter, Kleefer, Tilt, Elyts Shoes, Vex Brand Shoes and many more... In addition to offering an outstanding selection of scooters, we hope to be known for our excellent customer service and...

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