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Scooters — Envy Prodigy S6

2018 Envy Prodigy S6, Colt S3, KOS S5 Scooters are now available in Canada

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2018 Envy Prodigy S6, Colt S3, KOS S5 Heist, KOS S5 Charge, KOS S5 Soul are now available in Canada Envy has come in hot this year with some awesome upgrades to their full range of complete scooters. This year line up is sure to continue Envy's dominance in the complete scooter game.  2018 Envy Colt S3 gets taller bars, new deck spacers with deck plugs and some new mixed color grips. 2018 Envy S3 Colt comes in 4 colorways this year including Black/Gold, Black/Red, Teal, Green 2018 Envy S6 Prodigy gets some nice upgrades as well including a new...

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