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Madd Gear VX8 Scooters have arrived in Canada

MADD GEAR Canada Madd Gear VX8 Madd Gear VX8 Scooters Canada MGP Scooters Canada Scooters Canada Scooters Ottawa VX8 Scooters

The Madd Gear VX8 complete range of scooters is a culmination of 12 months of product development and extensive rider testing based on a foundation of over 10 years in the Scooter industry. 

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Madd Gear MGP VX7 Scooters have arrived in Canada

Madd Gear Madd Gear VX7 Scooters Madd Gear VX7 Scooters Canada MGP Scooters Canada MGP VX7 Scooters VX7 VX7 Extreme Scooter Canada VX7 Nitro Scooter Canada VX7 Pro Scooter Canada VX7 Scooters VX7 Team Scooter Canada

The much awaited Madd Gear VX7 Scooter line up has been released! This years line up features some great upgrade. The MGP VX7 Pro is the best entry level scooter that money can buy this year and features high quality, upgraded components only seen before on much higher priced models - without breaking the bank. The VX7 Pro gets a huge uplift with an integrated headset and alloy fork that can accommodate up to 120mm wheels. Hands down the most popular scooter every year is the Team Edition. It was difficult to upgrade and improve upon the previous model, but the...

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